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Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

The Shop

The Shapers

Surfboards designed and hand shaped by the best in the business:
Mike St John, Nigel Perrow, Peter White, Neil Randell, Brett Munro, Michael Cundith,
Carl Schaper, Steve O’Donnell, Rooster, Ross Head, Ian Chisholm,
Doug Rogers, Dave Wood and others.

The Surfboards

I have assembled a range of surfboards to suit all levels and all budgets, only willing to provide the best in quality of design and finish.

From beginner to advanced, we’ve got the lot.

Golden Breed, Wood, LSD, Brandon, Mendes, TC Board Co, Munro, Classic Malibu, BIC, Na Papa, Rise, Sunshine Surfing

Grant Thomas, Jai Lee, Dane Wilson, Bonga Perkins, Ian Bell… You know the names and we’ve got the brands that these guys choose to ride.

Sunshine Surfing are proud to be the only store in Sydney that can offer you Laguna Bay Surfboards, designers and shapers of the same board that Josh Constable won the 2006 World Longboard Championship on.

Wallhangers … original beautiful hollow plywood surfboards by Bill Wallace- the legend himself. This board, of course, can be ridden if you can bring yourself to rub wax onto it’s gleaming deck! We also have fantastic 60’s replica boards by Hayden - rideable of course - for those who like traditional longboards.

The Threads

Sunshine Surfing continues to offer you the best of longboard lifestyle clothing and accessories in and out of the water. Check out our range of quality, distinctive surf clothing for guys and girls… Nine Plus, Short Straw, Honolua, Eighteen People, Golden Breed, Oxbow, Palmers, Ocean & Earth. Not the copycat brands that every other kook is wearing fresh out of the markets.

Wetsuits & Accessories

Nine Plus, Balin, FCS, Ocean and Earth, Rip Curl, Peak, Tiki, Xcel, Palmers, Turbo Tunnel, Paddle Air, Gath, Gumby Locks, Woody Art. Indo Boards, Sundog, Filtrate, Guess & Base eyewear,

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Sunshine Surfing offer you a selected range of premium stand up paddle boards. We’ve got the beautifully designed SUPs and paddles from Ben Buckler Boards on display and available for you to look at in the flesh, purchase and take straight out into the water. The boards come with everything you need to start paddle boarding such as leg rope, fins, deck grip, paddle, paddle bag, board bag. The paddle boards we stock are designed as all-rounders so you can easily paddle on flat water and in the surf. Visit the Ben Buckler Boards website for the paddle board specifications.

Second Hand & Hire

Trade-ins on good mid lengths, fish’, retros and longboards are welcome. We always have a selection of used mals and mid lengths with some short boards as well.

We’ve got the best hire rates in town for both surfboards and body boards.

We’ve also got books, DVD’s, stickers, surf art, gifts, posters, ukuleles, and ‘Hawaiiana’ nik naks and collectables.

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