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Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

About Us

The History

Sunshine Surfing has been established since 1968… way back in the transitional era when boards had huge “skegs”, were super heavy and guys who rode them had knee bumps and the head bumps to match! A time when you spent more time swimming after your board than actually riding it. Surfboards were just starting to be cut short by about 2-3 feet… the short board revolution had begun!

Sunshine Surfing is one of the original iconic surf stores in Sydney, ideally located in the one of the meccas of Australian surfing on the northern beaches at Manly. The store has survived many years of change both in ownership, style and character adapting to the changes in surf culture over the years. “The Boardroom” and “Surfection” are just some of the shop’s more recent alias’s.

As the trends have come and gone (and come again…) the store has remained strong… firmly rooted in the core of the surfing lifestyle and not selling out to mainstream fashion.


Surfing is the ultimate expression of freedom, a way to connect with mother nature and get ‘grounded’… to cut loose and go with the flow all at the same time. Maybe it’s the chance to play up with mates in the deep blue… or to free up your mind and simply de-stress while you’re in chill-out mode.

Sunshine Surfing concentrates it energy on performance and traditional long boards, mid lengths, eggs, fishes and fun boards. Whether you want to perfect your nose riding or drop knee turns… or if you’re happy just to experience “the glide”. You can be a beginner, a weekend warrior, a seasoned veteran (or just a veteran…).

Whatever surfing means to you and whatever your ability or budget Sunshine Surfing has the equipment that will help you to learn, to advance, and even compete beyond your expectations.

I have sourced brands that, in Sydney, are only available at Sunshine Surfing. I’ve spent time with all the shapers and have hand picked designs and shapes for everyone who’s into the glide and having fun.

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